"Lezzet Food Industry" LLC has been founded in 1995.
Since its establishment date, the company has passed a great development period by setting up its activity in two main directions – wholesale of daily demanded products and in the sector of foodstuff production. Today, Company beside by co-operating and implementing successful distributive action with Russian, USA, Ukrainian, Turkish, Chinese, UAE, Indian, Persian and over 50 manufacturing companies from the other part of world it successfully satisfies interests and demands of consumers in the sector of sugar production, processing, packing of nuts and pulses.

Head office of  "Lezzet Food Industry" LLC is situated in Nakhchivan city.
In Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic our company is official representative of  “Coca Cola” (Azerbaijan), PBK “Slavutich” (Ukraina), “Vinkron” (Ukraina), “Mils” (Ukraina), “Konfil” (Russia), “Nevskiy Konditer” (Russia), “Eti” (Turkey), “Tuborg” (Turkey), “Tamek” (Turkey), Evyap (Turkey),  “Hakan Gida” (Turkey), “Tat Kimya” (Turkey), “Tat Makarna” (Turkey), “Miad General Trading” (UAE),  “SunWest Foods, Inc” (USA)  and many other firms known for quality products.

In 2009 "Lezzet Food Industry" LLC started to be represented in Azerbaijan market by establishing its branch in Baku city.
Now, “Lezzet Food Industry” LLC is official distributor of “Fest” (Russia), “Orkide” (Turkey), “Kristal” (Turkey), TPO "Green Ray" in Azerbaijan.
Company is aiming to expand its distributive network and provide quality service to customers in all regions of Azerbaijan by creating trade relations with foreign firms.
Material-technical base of company complies with European standards, and it reflects great potential opportunities. Having all possibilities for storing and distributing of products to sale points, “Lezzet Food Industry” LLC has ​​5.5 thousand square meters covered warehouses (3.5 thousand square meters in Nakhchivan city and 2 thousand square meters in Baku city), 4.5 MTS of load-lifting capacity of 50 Isuzu and Mitsubishi branded vehicles park (35 in Nakhchivan and 15 in Baku city) in its property.
Some warehouses have been equipped with refrigerators which optimums storing conditions of products.
Sales staff of company consisting of 55 freight forwarding and 10 supervisors resourcefully uses modern technology for supplying demand and the needs of customers in timely and with quality.
"Lezzet Food Industry" LLC is closely involved in the events of the economic development of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, increasing the competitiveness of the national economy and  integration into the world economic system.
Achieved successes of the company has been highly appreciated by the country's leadership and the Autonomous Republic's leadership: In 2009 director of “Lezzet Food Industry” LLC
Mr. Teymur Rzayev has been awarded with " honory diploma of Prezident of Azerbaijan Republic" for his contribution to the economic growth of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  by the President of Azerbaijan Republic.
Supplying of increasing demands of consumers and  "Socio-economic development of regions of  Republic of Azerbaijan for 2009-2013 years" the implementation provided for in the state program to the stimulation of manufacturing of export-oriented and import substitution products, creating new job places and the measures taken to improve  welfare of population "Lezzet Food Industry" LLC has a successful start in 2010-2011.
In 2010 "Lezzet Biscuit and  Chocolate Factory" LLC  started operation.

Mechanical facilities which has been equipped in "Lezzet Biscuit and  Chocolate Factory" LLC  conforms with modern world standards and its daily production capacity is 3000kgs. Waffle, cake, biscuit and other confectionery products are produced in the factory.
In a small period of time "Lezzet Biscuit and  Chocolate Factory" LLC  gained sympathy of consumers due to its manufacturing quality of the products and competitive prices.
In 2011 "Lezzet Broyler" LLC has been established with the aim of providing with quality and environmentally sound poultry products of the population of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. It is a modern enterprise with a well-organized production.
Due to well-educated specialists that has been employed in the factory, installed modern equipments and supervision to quality of the product has been attained to compliance standards and proper taste of consumers.

"Lezzet Food Industry" LLC is not only satisfied with its achieved successes it is also trying for supplying quality products to consumers with international standards and competitive prices by using all the opportunites.
Distinguishing features of our products from others are - premium quality, delicious taste, manufactured products are ecologically clean and fundamentally natural.

To ensure consumers' interests are absolute priority for the company.