Lezzet Broiler

"Lezzet Broyler" LLC is the largest poultry manufacturer in the Azerbaijan Republic, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. It is a modern enterprise with a well-organized production. Products that are manufactured by the factory has been gained the sympathy and the confidence of buyers for its delicious taste, environmentally sound, safe and fresh products from the first day of production. Instructions for keeping poultries in order to obtain good results, veterinary-sanitary and technological requirements are strictly carry out, production technology is constantly updated, work on applying of systems of international supervision to quality of the product are implemented.
Due to well-educated specialists that has been employed in the factory, installed modern equipments and supervision to quality of the product had been attained to compliance standards and proper taste of consumers.
"Lezzet Broyler" LLC had been provided with various temperature regimes refrigerator warehouses that ensure quality and safety products.
“Lezzet” is not only a trade name of “Lezzet Broyler” LLC, but also it is growth idea of the company. The main purpose of the work of the factory is to provide consumers with tasty, quality and reliable poultry products.